YP events

YP Meeting Oslo 2020

We look forward to seeing you in Oslo on 13 February 2020 for a local YP event on the topic "The role of Young Professionals for the future of geoscience in Norway". This project is in collaboration with the Young Professional Network of CTBT (the community of young scientists and technical professionals working on monitoring and verification of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty) and will present different career tracks available to early career geoscientists and discuss them in the perspective of the specific context of Norway. Multiple aspects of geoscience will be covered, including O&G, nuclear monitoring, near surface geoscience, deep-sea mining, for a truly multidisciplinary perspective!

The meeting is free to attend: for more information click here.


Young Professionals Summit

Young Professionals face unique challenges which this event aims to address. By collaborating together, the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain and the Society of Petroleum Engineers are working together to support and celebrate our YPs, and that of the wider industry. The program is developed by YPs from the societies involved to address the challenges and innovations the industries future leaders face. The YP Summit aims to tackle critical issues faced within the industry. Given the recent turmoil the industry has faced we are keen to focus the Young Professionals Summit on the oil industry of the future, what is changing and how that will impact the way YPs work. Using examples of other industry sectors and how they have tackled similarly large challenges, we intend to explore the change in the energy mix and the impact that it is having on the industry, innovative and disruptive technologies, knowledge transfer; so the experience of a generation is not lost, and how YPs can build a successful career within the sector.

Amsterdam 2020 

This year the Young Professionals Summit will take place in Amsterdam, on 8 June 2020. For more information and registration, click here.

Aberdeen 2019

The Young Professionals Summit is a collaborative event co-organized by EAGE, SPE and PESGB. In 2019 we present the Summit for the second time and focus is on how to integrate, empower and transform the new generation of energy professionals for an optimistic future. Click here for more information on the programme.

London 2018

The first Young Professionals Summit took place at the Baden-Powell House in London on 26 November 2018. Young Professionals from all participating societies had a great time developing their skills and expanding their network.



Your Career Symposium

Amsterdam 2020

In 2020 the Symposium will be incorporated in the programme of the YP Summit taking place one day before the 82nd EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam.

London 2019

The Symposium is an event created and organized by the EAGE Young Professionals community. Drawing from the positive experience of 2018, the Symposium took place at the EAGE Annual in 2019 with a similar one-day interactive format. This year, the event received the support of Emerson and focused on digital skills for young professionals and students interested in making the most of their early career in the digital transformation age. Click here for more information

Copenhagen 2018 

In 2018 the Young Professionals community hosted the Your Career Symposium for the first time. This was a one-day meeting that preceded the EAGE Annual Meeting in Copenhagen 2018 and received the support of Saudi Aramco. This event had limited spaces and was intended for young professionals and graduating PhD students to develop or improve the skill set required to kick off in the Geoscience and Engineering world. Five excellent speakers from industry and academia lead an interactive session with the support of YP Committee leaders Filippo Broggini and matteo Ravasi. The full programme and bios are available here

The Symposium was also a fantastic opportunity to network with your peers and future colleagues! In the words of the participants...

"Very good quality and presentation skills. Diverse subjects that anyone at any time of their career may want to follow up with"
"Extremely interesting topic which I would not usually have access to"
"One very imortant message i took from this presentation was "While learning you are earning your freedom to change" I think this is very strong message to motivate YPs to never stop learning and devoloping theiselfs in order to have frutiful career and life"
"The insights offered from various perspective was very refreshing. I also appreciate the very honest sharing of personal choices, which helps clear our mind in terms of thinking processing. I also appreciate the efforts made by the committee by inviting guests from various functions & different level of experiences in the oil companies. Exchanges within such a group is very energizing"