Women in Geoscience and Engineering

The Women in Geoscience and Engineering Special Interest Community (WGE SIC) was established by EAGE to facilitate communication between women and to promote their active participation of this community in related activities.

“Being part of the EAGE Group helped me increase my network in a brand new and interesting direction. Sharing post, ideas, experience, solutions with the committee and others members of the group certainly had a huge impact on the way I am now envisioning my career and family life and making it all work in a great synergy!”

Caroline Le Turdu
WGE Committee Chair 2015 - 2017
EAGE Membership and Cooperation Officer 2018-2020


The mission of this group is to enable the exchange of knowledge and experience, and mutual support among members, related to:

- better understanding of WGE community expectations - enabling advice between community members
- sharing career opportunities
- guidance on career development
- retention of women in the industry

The WGE community is coordinated by a Committee that serves for a period of two years. The WGE Committee actively supports female professionals by sharing relevant news (including interviews, job vacancies, motivational and career advice), encouraging discussion, connecting members and promoting events for WGE, including a Special Session at every EAGE Annual Conference. Applications for the next WGE Committee (2019-2021) are currently open: if you are interested in volunteering, you can send your application here.


How to join

You can find the WGE on LinkedIn! The group shares news and covers a wide range of topics for discussion, mentoring and motivation. New vacancies are regularly posted in the Job Corner. Initiatives such as Motivation Monday and Advice of the Month can inspire you to boost your career, help you maintain balance between your personal and professional life, or simply offer encouragement when facing challenges.

For questions and inquiries, you can write to the Group Admins or contact us.

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