Becoming an EAGE member

Many thanks for your interest in applying for an EAGE membership. Our members are the heart of the association, and we therefore hope you will have a chance to engage with us on a frequent basis in the upcoming year. For an overview of which events we have planned for our membership in the coming year, please check our calendar of events.

Please note:

  • EAGE membership runs from January through December. Applications received in October, November and December will automatically be considered for the next calendar year, but immediately in effect when activated.

  • The processing time for membership applications can be a couple of days. Activation of membership only happens if and when the fee is paid for.

  • If you would like to register for the discounted member registration fee for an upcoming event, please make sure that your membership application (accompanied by the payment of your membership fee) is received by EAGE at least 14 days prior to the deadline(s) of the event.

For the full list of your EAGE membership benefits, visit the dedicated page.


Membership Application procedure

Applying for a membership is easy!

1. Log in with your preferred email address as known to us and the set password. (if you cannot remember your password, then please click on "I cannot log in" and enter your preferred email address as known to us to request a password reset)
Should you not yet be known to us with a login account, then please create a login account by selecting "Create Account" and use your preferred email address.

2. Fill in the "Register Membership" form. Select your membership items, check your contact details, select your division & interests and finalize with the payment method for your membership fee. Online payment leads to your membership being activated on the same day, unless you are applying as a student member (criteria check required).


Apply now!


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