Short Course Catalogue - Training and Development


Training and Development - Human Resources

Human Resources

Attracting, Developing & Retaining Top Technical People

Instructor: Prof. Peter Lloyd (Honorary Professor)

This workshop considers how the upstream oil and gas business can make itself attractive to top level young geoscience and engineering undergraduates. It will consider the education they can be given in universities so they are most effective upon graduation, and at how to develop and retain them through their careers. The first part of the day is a formal review of where things stand. The second moves into "workshop mode" to discuss local issues and tailor specific solutions.

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Training and Development - Soft Skills

Soft Skills

Art of Science

Instructor: Dr Roel Snieder (Colorado School of Mines)

This is a hands-on course for professionals wishing to perfect the practical skills needed for a successful research career. Topics covered include considerations for choosing a research portfolio; making a workplan; mentoring and being mentored; the ethics of research; using the scientific literature; oral and written communication; publishing papers; writing proposals; managing time effectively; and planning a career and applying for jobs in research and industry. This course is aimed at junior researchers and their mentors in all fields of science and engineering.

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