EAGE Regional Council Middle East

I EAGE Regional Council Middle East (RCME)

  1. EAGE RCME exists to support EAGE activities in the Middle East region including the identification of members' needs and the delivery of services to members. The RCME also assists with the promotion of the society and its activities (such as membership, meetings and publications).
  2. EAGE RCME liaises with the EAGE Board through its Chair, who is a member of the Regions Committee. The Chair is invited to attend the first Board meeting at each annual conference to present a regional report.
  3. EAGE RCME advises, reviews and contributes to all relevant activities of the EAGE Regional Office Middle East (ROME) including the development of activity plans, strategies and policies. Once the RCME and ROME have agreed a plan and estimated budget for an activity, it is submitted to the EAGE Board for final approval.

II Composition of the EAGE RCME

  1. The RCME is a balanced representation of the geoscientific population in the region, with members drawn from companies, universities and other organizations of practising geoscientists and engineers. In selecting members, consideration should be given to diversity of representation as well as willingness to serve, in accordance with the EAGE Constitution.
  2. Initial membership of the RCME is established by invitation from the Board and/or the first Chair. Subsequent member selection may be determined by the RCME, subject to the other By-Laws in this section.
  3. Subsequent Chairs and Vice-Chairs shall be elected by RCME members.
  4. RCME members are members of EAGE, or a local chapter of EAGE.
  5. RCME members may serve for an initial period of two years, renewable twice to a maximum of six years by mutual consent and consistent with any other selection process identified in A.II.2.

III Conduct of RCME meetings

  1. RCME shall meet at least once per year, normally in conjunction with a regional event.
  2. A quorum shall consist of at least half of the RCME membership, meeting either physically or by tele-conference. A quorum must include the Chair (or Vice-Chair if unavailable).
  3. The Regional Manager of the ROME is entitled to attend RCME meetings but may not vote and does not contribute to the quorum.
  4. Minutes of each meeting shall be taken. Once reviewed and approved by attendees, a copy shall be sent, within thirty days of the meeting, to the ROME and to the Head Office in Houten for onward distribution to the EAGE Board and archival.