Annual General Meeting for members

In the Annual General Meeting for members (AGMM), held every year during the EAGE Annual Meeting, the Board reports about last year's activities and matters concerning the association. This meeting offers members the possibility to interact with the Board and share thoughts.

This year's meeting will take place in Copenhagen during the EAGE 80th Annual Conference & Exhibition.

2018 EAGE Annual General Meeting for Members (AGMM)

Date: Tuesday 12 June 2018
Time: 14:30 - 15:30
Location: 'Treehouse' at the Bella Center, Copenhagen (near the Exhibition area)

Annual General Meeting for Members
At every year’s EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition, the EAGE Board reports about the previous year’s activities and discusses topics of importance to members at the AGMM. These meetings are valuable ways for members to have their say and contribute to the future of the association. The minutes from last year's AGMM in Paris can be found below.

Meet the Committees
Following the AGMM, members will have an opportunity to Meet the Committees. Representatives of the Oil & Gas (OGGD) and the Near Surface (NSD) Divisions, as well as the Research Committee (RC) and Technical Programme Committee (TPC), will be available to meet with members, share information about their mission and work and highlight opportunities for future member engagement. This meeting will take place from 15:00 - 15:30 on Tuesday 12 June at the Treehouse in Copenhagen.