Honorary Memberships

Honorary Membership is conferred upon a member of EAGE who has made a highly significant and distinguished technical and/or non-technical contribution to the geoscience community at large or to EAGE in particular.

Honorary Membership 2017 is conferred upon

Satinder Chopra
After two master’s degrees from Himachal Pradesh University, India, Satinder Chopra learned his trade as a processing and interpretation geophysicist with ONGC in India before moving to Scott Pickford in Calgary in 1998. Here, he led the introduction and demonstration of coherence-cube processing as a means of visualising, with amazing resolution, geological structure in 3D seismic data. Success set his direction and his name has become synonymous with a string of developments in seismic attributes: not only in their estimation but also in their interpretation in the context of hydrocarbon detection and play analysis, and in their communication to the industry through a series of practical workflows, case studies and publications.

After an interlude at Paradigm in Calgary, Satinder joined Arcis Seismic Solutions, now a subsidiary of TGS-NOPEC, in 2004 as Manager and then Chief Geophysicist of Reservoir Services. While in managerial positions, Satinder has followed his research interests relentlessly and has made major contributions in curvature analysis, impedance inversion, AVO analysis and VSP data processing; all in the pursuit of improved interpretation of 3D seismic data for both structure and reservoir properties such as porosity, saturation and fractures.

Satinder is a born communicator. While reflecting his rigorous physics background in books for Indian maths students, Satinder has generated some 170 journal publications (18 in First Break) and over 200 conference presentations, as well as eight books with a ninth in preparation. He has been a Distinguished Lecturer for CSEG and AAPG/SEG, and an e-Lecturer for EAGE in 2014-15. Satinder has been unstinting in his time and support for associations in India, the USA, Europe and Canada, and has served CSEG on several committees and as editor of the CSEG Recorder. He has won numerous best paper and best poster awards and was made Honorary Member of CSEG in 2014. For his extensive contributions, EAGE is glad to award its own 2017 Honorary Membership to Satinder Chopra.

Paris, 12 June 2017


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