Honorary Memberships

Honorary Membership is conferred upon a member of EAGE who has made a highly significant and distinguished technical and/or non-technical contribution to the geoscience community at large or to EAGE in particular.

The EAGE Honorary Membership 2018 is conferred upon 3 outstanding EAGE members:

Mohammed Alfaraj

Mohammed Alfaraj receives Honorary Membership for his highly distinguished research in applied geophysics, for his leadership in exploration and multidisciplinary field development, and for his loyal and devoted service to the international scientific community, including SEG, SPE, IEEE, AAPG, WPC, MEOS, and especially EAGE.
Mohammed Alfaraj obtained a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1983, and a Master’s and PhD degrees in Geophysics, both from Colorado School of Mines, in 1987 and 1993, respectively. He has made numerous important contributions in many geophysical fields, including dip moveout, vertical seismic processing, borehole geophysics, wavelet determination for quantitative seismic interpretation, resolution, diffraction imaging, and passive seismic monitoring. He also holds three US patents, with more pending.He is a skilled manager who, for a decade, led research for Saudi Aramco’s Geophysical R&D, including high risk, high reward topics. He later became Exploration Principal Professional, 2009-2016. He was elected President of the Dhahran Geoscience Society (DGS) for the 1997-1998 term, and received the Saudi Aramco 2004 Intellectual Property Award and the 2007 Achievement Award. His selfless service to EAGE has been outstanding. He has been Associate Editor of Geophysical Prospecting (GP) since 2005. He has organized numerous research workshops, including the Sub-Salt Imaging Workshop in Cairo, 2009 and the Borehole Geophysics Workshop 2011. He was Guest Editor for a special 2012 GP issue on borehole geophysics, and a Special Editor for a 2014 GP issue titled “VSP and Microseismicity Frontiers.” As an editor and reviewer, his depth and breadth of experience and his meticulous, diligent work are very greatly valued. In 2013 he was elected Vice-President of EAGE and served with distinction as President, 2015-16.

Ian Jones

Ian Jones receives Honorary Membership for his highly distinguished research in applied seismology, especially in velocity model building, migration, imaging and inversion; for his dedication to the teaching of geophysics and the training of geophysicists; and for his service to the EAGE. Ian Jones received a joint honours BSc in Physics with Geology from the University of Manchester, UK, in 1977, an MSc in Seismology from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, in 1980, and a PhD in Geophysical Signal Processing from the University of British Columbia, Canada in 1985.
After working for ‘Inverse Theory & Applications Inc.’ in Canada for two years, he joined CGG, where for 15 years he was involved in R&D in the London and Paris offices, latterly as manager of the depth imaging research group. Since 2000 he has been with ION GX Technology, as a Senior Geophysical Advisor in their London office.
Ian is very famous for his research, but he is just as famous for his powers of explanation and his ability to convey complex ideas in a non-mathematical way. His tutorials in “First Break” and his EAGE text book “An Introduction to: Velocity Model Building” are outstanding examples of this ability. He inspires many geophysicists with his willingness to share his knowledge and understanding, and those who have worked with him consider it a great privilege. Since 1998 he has organized numerous workshops and courses for EAGE, SPG and SEG and, since 2009, he has been an Associate Editor for both “Geophysics” and “Geophysical Prospecting. He is as much esteemed in academia as he is in industry and was a member of the External Advisory Board for Imperial College’s MSC course in Petroleum Geophysics, 2012-15, and is now a member of the External Advisory Board for University of Leeds MSc Geophysics, 2016-present. In 2016 he was made Honorary ‘Chief’ of the Igbo Peoples, Nigeria, 2016, for educational charitable works helping to teach science in a Nigerian school at a senior level.

Aldo Vesnaver 

Aldo Vesnaver receives Honorary Membership for his highly distinguished written and oral scientific contributions in applied geophysics and for his extensive service to the geophysical community, especially SEG and EAGE.
Aldo Vesnaver received a Master’s Degree in Physics in 1983 and a PhD in Geophysics in 1990, both from the University of Trieste (Italy). He was a Research Scientist at OGS Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofysica Sperimentale, Italy, with various assignments, 1983-2001, including seismic analyst, Team Leader and Vice-Director of Department. He worked for Saudi Aramco, 2001-2006, as Geophysical Specialist in R&D, and returned to OGS, 2006-2015, as Research Manager. He currently holds two positions: Faculty member of the ESFM PhD Consortium among the University of Trieste, OGS and the International Centre of Theoretical Physics (ICTP) of Miramare, and KADOC Chair Professor at the Khalifa University Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. His 96 scientific contributions include the calculation of phase and frequency without unwrapping, time-lapse tomography, geophysical inversion, and using irregular and staggered grids in seismic tomography. He has been Editor-in-Chief, Guest Editor and Associate Editor of Geophysical Prospecting. As Chairman, 2009-2011, and member, 2004-2007, of the EAGE Research Committee, he organized numerous workshops on a great variety of topics; he has continued this valuable work, including a workshop on “Unconventional Resources,” 2014, and “Full Waveform Inversion,” 2017. He was a member of the EAGE Awards Committee, 2005-2010. He has also been active in SEG, who presented him with the Lifetime Member Award in 2009, and in Italy, where he was Co-founder and later President of the Italian EAGE-SEG section. In all these activities, Aldo’s enthusiasm, commitment and ability to get people to cooperate has attracted many young professionals to the world of geophysics.

Copenhagen, 11 June 201


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